Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Huge Thank You

 The picture above is taken from one of the classrooms that I teach in here at LEAP. Can you imagine being able to teach and look out of your window and see this view of Table Mountain everyday.

Above is a picture of some of the TWA fellows that I have worked and lived with for the last two months. These are some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. Everyday I have learned something new and grown from them. I will truly miss them when it is time for us to separate. (I don't want to think about that... :-(

I just realized as I was going through and reading my blogs that I have not had a chance to say Thank You. Sometimes thank you is such an over-used word but I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart.

First of all I would like to thank my family and friends who gave me support physically, emotionally, and financially. So many people wished me luck and supported me in my effort to achiveve my goal and dream of travelling to Africa and teaching in South Africa. Without you, I wouldn't have had the courage and the strength to fully pursue this opportunity to achieve this dream.

Thank you to everyone who supported me financially with donating any amount that they could. I esepcially appreciated this given that there are so many charities and opportunities for people to donate to in today's society, that people felt my compassion and my emotional attachment to this journey with Teach with Africa that they would donate.

Thank you to the donors who donated anonymously. I am so appreciative of your donations that helped make this trip for me possible. I hope you can see how much I have grown from this trip through readin my blogs and pictures. I have learn just as much from the learners and teachers here, just as I have taught them in my science class. I cannot fully describe what this experience has mean to me. Everyday I am going to think about this incredible two month journey that I have experienced. Thank you so very much for your contribution.

Thank you to my school who allowed me to go on this journey, knowing that I would miss the last few days of the school year, and miss the first week or two of professional development. Even though I have been working since I left in mid-June and will fly straight back into profesional development meetings, the rejuvenation factor that I have gotten while being here as been immense.  I am bringing so much back with me that will be implemented at school and in my classroom that I know this trip has been worthwhile and I have benefited so much from it.

Thank you to the entire TWA team and family for the uplifting support and love that we have had over these two months. It is sad to think as I sit here and write this that we have just over two weeks left with each other. The bonds that we have made and the friendships that have formed can never be broken or taken away. To be with and live with so many people who are as passionate about education and breaking down barries has been phenomenal. This organization has done some truly inspiring work and I can't wait to see what becomes of the connection of TWA and LEAP.

Thank you LEAP for opening your doors to me and allowing me to come in with the TWA team and just make us feel at home. From the very first day you told us that we were not visitors, and from that day I have felt like a teacher here. I feel like this is my school, my home, my learners, and my friends and family. Every day that I walk in and stand in front of my Grade 10's I get this feeling that I cannot explain. I look forward to teaching them and hearing their  questions and listening to their logic on why they think an answer is correct or incorrect. The LEAP staff has been so compassionate and trusting to allow me to come into a science department and teach and have a space that I can bounce my ideas and get input and feedback. In addition, I have been allowed to get their ideas and pick their brain to help me grow and become a better teacher.

Thank you to my wife really pursed me to follow my dreams and goals no matter what the cost maybe. Thank you so much for that push and constantly supporting me and having my back. I know  2 months away from each other can be a long thing, but knowing that I am loved and supported was such a huge part of this journey. Thank you so much for that and I love you.

If there is anyone I am leaving out I truly apologize. I am writing this   as I am reflecting that I only have two weeks left here and I am on a break before I begin teaching my next class. Thank you all very much! I love you all!

With Love From South Africa

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