Saturday, April 24, 2010

Importance of Education

So recently I have been thinking about what my life has been like as a teacher. Just like with any job there are some amazing days and then some days that drive me crazy. However, everyday I know I am so proud to call myself a teacher. I know that education is so important. Teaching this year in Philly has been an amazing experience. To work with some students who are so concerned with education and know that education is the key to their future and success. I am so happy to call myself a teacher.

I cannot wait to take this excitement with me to South Africa and continue to work with students this summer who know that education is the key to their future.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What Teachers Make

Here is a video from YouTube that reminds me why I decided to become a teacher.

I cannot wait to share my passion of teaching and working with students in South Africa.

What Teachers Make Video Clip- Click Here

This is one of the most inspirational people and quotes in education.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 months!

I cannot believe it is 2 months until I will be on a plane making my 17 hour journey to Cape Town. There is so much to get accomplished in two months to be prepared to leave. I am getting excited and nervous all at the same time. For the next two months I will be preparing to work on my curriculum for school because when I get back the school year will be starting all over again in two days after I return... :-) I am really looking forward to becoming rejuvenated and invigorated teaching such amazing students in  South Africa.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What is Teach With Africa?

(Taken from
Teach with Africa works to break down the economic and social barriers to education in Africa by sending teams of educators to implement projects in underserved communities through an exchange of teaching and learning.
By integrating their experiences into curricula and educational programs†after their return to the United States, these educators will enhance opportunities for African and U.S. students to enrich their educational experiences and identify themselves as "global citizens" through authentic connections, ongoing dialogue and shared learning.

Click on "Video of Teach with Africa" below to find out more information about this wonderful program.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Information and Fundraising Letter

April 11, 2010

Friends and Family,
I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to South Africa this summer and teach underprivileged students as a teaching fellow for Teach with Africa ( As Nelson Mandela recognized, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”
           As you may know, I currently teach 7th and 8th grade science at a charter school in North Philadelphia. My school strives to close the achievement gap that currently exists in the public school system among students of low economic status.  In the last 5 years of teaching children, I have seen the immeasurable difference that dedicated teachers make in the lives of their students.  
            Recently, I applied to become a fellow in a two-month summer program in which highly qualified teachers from the United States travel to South Africa to teach along side South African teachers in a charter-like school for underprivileged Cape Town and Johannesburg students. The LEAP school was designed, much like my charter school, to serve the students that were falling through the cracks of their social climate.  LEAP schools have been modeled after American charter schools, in that they have extended hours and focus the majority of their instructional time on math and science, skills that can create positive outcomes for their students. One third of LEAP students are AIDS orphans, but the school focuses on overcoming obstacles and not letting your past determine your future. I would be serving children who have been abandoned by their government and their history after Apartheid.  I would be giving them to opportunity to free themselves through education.  
             I was accepted as a fellow, but because of the economic condition, I was not granted funding for the trip.  Room, board and airfare will cost $5,000 out-of-pocket. I am willing to do whatever it takes to enrich the lives of children who have been devastated by the legacy of Apartheid, but I need your help.  Just click on the Contribute page on the Teach with Africa webpage ( Every tax-deductable dollar you donate can go directly to my journey.          If you make a donation, please also send an email to Amy Schoew, Executive Director ( Please let her know that your donation should be allocated for my trip.
In order to encourage you to contribute, and to show my commitment to this program, I pledge to match any donations made by my family members and friends through the end of June (to a maximum personal contribution of $1,500).  If you have any questions for me, please email or call.  Also, feel free to forward this email to anyone else that may be interested in taking part.  Thank you in advance for your consideration of this life-changing opportunity.  


*For tax purposes, please note that donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, as no goods or services were exchanged for your donation. Teach with Africa Tax ID # is 26-1649233.

Teach With Africa

Teach with Africa is the organization that I will be a fellow for this summer. Please check out their website and see the amazing work this organization is doing for students in South Africa.

66 days until a life changing experience

In 66 days I will be leaving for a life changing event. I have been accepted into the Teach With Africa 2010 Fellows program. I will be spending two months in South Africa with other teachers from the US working with the South African Leap Schools to help close the achievement gap. Words cannot express how excited and anxious I am about this opportunity. This blog will follow my experience over the next several months as a dream of mine is soon about to become reality. More information will be posted over the next several weeks.

Please check out the following website:

This will give you some more information about the Teach With Africa program and what this organization is trying to accomplish in South Africa.

I cannot believe that in 61 days I will be on a plane headed to South Africa.