Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feeling like I am home

This picture says it all.... This was a building in Cape Town that I took a picture of awhile ago. However, today this picture just popped into my head because I truly feel at home here in South Africa.

Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope

I had an amazing weekend last weekend. I was able to accomplish one of the things that I wanted to do on my To-Do list while in Africa. Luckily, Sundays are completely free for us so it provides me with a chance to explore South Africa. Last Sunday I went with some of the TWA family and Heidi who is an amazing member of the LEAP staff and Mia her wonderful and adorable daughther to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.

The picture of me above is at the Cape of Good Hope with Cape Point in the background. It was an absolutely amazing day and the weather was perfect. As you will see in my pictures that I am sporting my wonderful KIPP 2010 sweatshirt... :-) Don't be fooled by the sunny weather and shorts it can get quite cold and windy here in South Africa.
Here is a picture of us with the Cape of Good Hope in the background. TWA fellows in this picture are Subina, Jen, and Katie. We had an absolutely amazing time. Mia, Heidi's daughter joined us for a later picture... :-)
This was one of the greatest parts of the day. Down to the beach at the Cape of Good Hope was this amazing valley. The sun was beginning to set and all you could hear was the crashing of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. We all ran down the hill towards the Atlantic Ocean and I was able to put my feet into the Atlantic which  was quite chilly but refreshing... :-)

Look at how adorable this picture is. This is Heidi and her daughter Mia who brought us to the Cape. Mia was so brave that she climbed all the way to the top of the Cape Point and she hiked half way down to the Cape of Good Hope. It truly was an amazing day. Don't they look so happy?